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Colour-Chart Tetra-color

The TETRA-COLOR range is refered to in the world of photoengraving and impresses through its performance and originality. This colour-chart offers a large coloured strips, all unbordered, allowing juxtaposition of 2 colours and easy comparision with a sample.

Each colour strip is followed by the percentages of each of the 4 colours (yellow, magenta, cyan and black) and carries a text in both black and white to indicate the legibility of each on that particular colour background.

Very easy to use : arranged in 17 logical books : primary colours only, primary colours + black, combinations of 2 primary colours and combinations of 3 primary colours . Its 167 pages cover 1670 different tones in G.E.U. (Standardised European Range), Brunner Standard, colour blends calibrated to more or less than 1%.

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